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In-house Fieldtrips

The Traveling Tortoise is perfect for preschool thru high school. Schools love the convenience of having The Traveling Tortoise program visit their students on site.

Students are able to safely learn about Earth's amazing creatures. Our programs will capture the attention and imagination of your students while teaching interesting environmental and biological facts!

The Traveling Tortoise offers many educational programs, however, most elementary and middle school teachers choose the "The Young Herpetologist" program.

The Young Herpetologist

Learn about the wonderful world of herpetology (reptiles and amphibians)! Students are introduced to major animal groups in the fascinating world of herpetology and learn about animals from around the world!

For K-5 levels, "The Young Herpetologist" incorporate these NC educational standards:


1.L.2 *1.L.2.2

2.L.1*2.L.1.1 *2.L.1.2 --

3.E.2 *3.E.2.2 *3.L.1.1 *3.L.1.2

4.L.1 *4.L.1.1 *4.L.1.2 *4.L.1.4

5.L.1 *5.L.2 *5.L.2.1 *5.L.2.2 *5.L.2.3 

*The Young Herpetologist is our most popular program and is perfect for any age group*

Summer and Track-Out camps LOVE

The Young Herpetologist

Tar Heel Turtles and Toads!

Nothing is finer than the reptiles of North Carolina! From the majestic Blue Ridge to the pristine beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina truly has incredible and diverse species of reptiles and amphibians! Explore NC’s state reptile, the amazing Eastern Box turtle. Learn about the fascinating life cycle of the flashy Tiger salamander. Discover the snakes sharing your neighborhood. All of this and more with The Traveling Tortoise’s exciting new

Tar Heel Turtles & Toads program!

Frogs & the Fabulous Life Cycle

EGGS, TADPOLES, & FROGS! OH MY! Frogs and the Fabulous Life Cycle is a program focused on the incredible life of frogs. Experience tadpoles in every fascinating stage of development and meet unusual frogs from around the world! “Hop” into interactive science fun that can be modified to fit every grade level. Frogs and the Fabulous Life Cycle is a 60 minute program.


Even the youngest student will feel like a real herpetologist (reptile specialist) with our exciting preschool program! Students will be introduced to major animal groups in the fascinating world of herpetology. Learn what reptiles eat while watching the mighty tortoise munch on crunchy leaves. Feel slimy “eggs” and learn about the amazing life cycle of the frog. Find out about lizards while enjoying the silly antics of our Australian blue-tongued friends. Experience science field-work with awesome leg-less creatures. All of this exciting learning, exploring and fun packed into the prefect preschool-size 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute program.

Every program with The Traveling Tortoise is customized to meet each classes individual curriculum needs, and adjusted to the age group. Tell us your curriculum needs and we'll customize a program for the needs of your class.

Program Fees

The Traveling Tortoise’s affordable rates are budget friendly for every school!


1 hour (1 programs) $175


90 minutes (2-45 minute programs or combination of

30/60 minute programs) $250


2 hours (2-1hour programs, or combination of

smaller programs) $300

For added convenience and value, many schools combine same-grade-level classes for a single program.


Our after-school programs, family

nights, school fairs are always popular

and especially memorable with

students! Just give us a call and we’ll

help you book the right program for

your students.

Please call or email for special reduced fees for civic groups (scouts, 4-H, Vacation Bible etc.).

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